Non-Tech Assignments

Non-tech assignments are completed in your personal Outco folder. To access directly:

  • Navigate to
  • Select "Shared with me" in the left-side navigation column
  • Find your personal Outco folder titled [First Last Name - Outco] or [First Last Name - Outco Remote]

Non-Tech Course Resources

All supplementary non-tech course resources are located at


Technical Assignments

Technical assignments are completed using GitHub. You will be invited by email to your private GitHub repo during the first week of class and it will be titled: outcode-{class #}-{language}-{GitHub username}.

Technical Course Resources

Video lectures accompany each technical assignment and are to be viewed prior to starting each assignment. You will receive a code to sign up for this content during Week 1. If you have any problems accessing, email

knowledge Base

For common technical and non-technical questions, please visit our knowledge base here.